Here it is.

So… this is my very first independent blog post.

Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Cody and I’m obsessed with fashion! Honestly, obsessed is a mild word for it. The main purpose of this blog is so I can share with the world my knowledge of fashion, but recently I’ve decided to take it from exclusively fashion related content, to a more lifestyle type of blog. For the last year or so I’ve been been ghost blogging for others and  I’m passionate about so many things and I want to share those with you as well. With that being said, I will be doing my first “real” blog post on Monday. This blog post will document my experience as I go see the wonder that is Lana Del Rey as her Endless Summer Tour stops in Atlanta! I can’t think of any easier first blog post than talking about LDR and Grimes, to be honest. Expect lots of concert documentation within this blog. I hope that someone out there enjoys this blog eventually, but even if they do not – fuck it.

Stay tuned Ladies & Gents! Here’s some Lana while you wait: